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Our Proven Process

Whether an interior or exterior renovation, it is important for our team to communicate the process of a new project.  It is important to us that you are involved at a high level and that you are aware of the stages as they develop.

Renovation process step one

Meet and Greet

Hiring a contractor should never start off by talking about price but more about fit. It is very important to our firm that you feel secure using our services.

This session is done via a phone call or video conference where key questions will be asked. We want to get to know your story and how we can help complete it. What are your needs, wants, desires and fears?

Sometimes its difficult to understand what you should budget so we will also discuss a realistic budget range and timelines that will allow you to achieve your goals

Renovation process step two

Site Meeting

When the meet and greet is successful we will arrange to visit you onsite for a 1-2hr consultation. This is also where a designer should be introduced to discuss some of the goals of your project.

We will also present to you our process chart to show you how your project will flow through a set of milestones, creating an amazing client experience.

Renovation process step three

Scoping Budget

After our site meeting, you will be asked to decide on a planning commitment or scoping budget. Estimates will not get you where you need to be and will present false or overinflated numbers.

In this stage, you will be provided a prelim design plan with selections as well as a detailed financial breakdown and proposal answering all your questions around construction and costs.

Essentially this package will provide you with enough information to truly know the cost of your project and details involved.

Renovation Process step four

Contract Signing

The scoping budget will have been viewed and agreed too. All necessary changes to the plan costs would have be finalized and signed off. We would sign a binding contract that follows the Alberta Provincial prepaid contractor guidelines.

You will also be provided a progress payment schedule to help with your budgeting throughout the project.

Renovation Process step five

Client Integration

It is very important to our firm that you are integrated into the project. We have invested a lot of time to implement a robust project management software system that will allow you to monitor budgets, schedules, change orders, selections and much more.

Renovation Process step six

Construction (where the magic happens)

This is a very exciting stage. New construction to your space will begin. You will see many changes as the days go by and will have a lot of questions.

Please use this time to communicate if things do not “appear” to be correct. We will be here to walk you through the different phases and ensure the project is within scope, time and budget. Our team members are always on site or available via text, phone or email. It is our company policy to return a text, email or call within 24hrs.

Remember with any construction project, things are going to happen. It is our job to mitigate those risks or fix any issues that arise. You are not alone.

Renovation Process step seven

Completion & Warranty

Finally! you have been patient through the construction process and now your new space has come alive. At this stage we will do a final walkthrough and address any deficiencies.

Warranty – Your project will now fall under the Construction Performance Guide for New Home Warranty in Alberta.